Antonio Denounces LaRose's Decision to Defy Court Ruling

Today, Senator Nickie J. Antonio released the following statement, harshly criticizing Secretary of State Frank LaRose's decision to defy a court ruling and continue allowing only one ballot drop box per county, no matter the county size:

"Time is running out on excuses for Frank LaRose. He's now telling county Boards of Elections to ignore a judge's ruling and follow his illegal directive. It's hard to see how that can be anything other than politically motivated.

"We have judicial confirmation that county Boards have the right to place additional secure ballot drop boxes if they so choose. That's exactly what Secretary of State LaRose always claimed he needed. So why this change of heart?

"I can only hope Frank LaRose reconsiders this reckless decision and ends his illegal directive. Otherwise, his actions will have crossed into full blown voter suppression."

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