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Crystal Lett Urges School Funding Reform, Criticizes Opponent for Failure to Act

Today, Crystal Lett, candidate for the highly competitive Senate District 16 seat, urged the legislature to finally reform Ohio's school funding system, which the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional multiple times since 1997.

"A child's zip code should never determine the quality of their education. As a mom, I can't understand why this problem has not been a top priority for longtime Ohio politicians like my opponent," said Crystal Lett. 

"How have Senator Kunze and her Republican colleagues failed to act for so long? They hold a supermajority in the Statehouse - there's nothing stopping them from taking action."

Ever since Bob Cupp replaced disgraced ex-Speaker Larry Householder as House Speaker in July, there have been rumors that HB 305, the "Cupp-Patterson" education reform bill, could move forward. However, that has not occurred, despite multiple committee and Session days held throughout the Summer.

"There were certainly some problems with the Cupp-Patterson plan. But it was a solid start. And the best way to improve it is by holding hearings and letting education professionals and experts weigh in," continued Lett. 

"I urge my opponent to finally use the seat she's held for years to help move this bill forward."

Stephanie Kunze was first elected to the Ohio Statehouse in 2012 and has thus far failed to address Ohio's unconstitutional school funding system.

Kunze is currently attempting to hold on to one of Ohio's most flippable Senate seats. Her opponent, Democrat Crystal Lett, is a wife and mother of three. Lett is a passionate healthcare advocate, and has a child of her own with specialized health needs.

Crystal Lett works as a Client Services Manager at a financial advisory firm, and has also partnered with Senator Sherrod Brown to fight for CHIP funding.

Ready for Ohio Senators who will take action to address real issues? Click here to support Crystal Lett for Ohio Senate.

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