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Matt Dolan Tries to Help His Rich Friends - By Devastating Local Schools

Senator Matt Dolan tried to sneak a favor into Ohio's most recent budget bill to help his rich friends - and devastate local schools.

"What a small minority of the 700 or so who live in Hunting Valley want is special treatment so recklessly selfish it would devastate the Orange public school system.

"Worse yet, it might just ignite a backlash in the 615 school districts throughout Ohio, perhaps harming 1.7 million public school children in the process.

"All in the name of allowing property owners in Hunting Valley – and only Hunting Valley – to avoid paying their fair share, a share every person who lives there can easily afford.


"Again, many in Hunting Valley were unaware of this unconscionable tax dodge, which was secretly inserted into the state’s two-year budget bill by Ohio Sen. Matt Dolan.


"The cost to Orange schools would have been catastrophic. Depending on whose figures one believes, the Hunting Valley handout would have cost the school system between $3.2 million and $5.8 million a year."

Cuyahoga County deserves better. Donate here to help us defeat Dolan in November.

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