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Ohio Senate Democrats Announce Record-Breaking Fundraising Haul

On Friday, the Ohio Senate Democrats filed their Semiannual campaign finance report with a $229,787.60 balance on hand - more than any Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus filing since at least 2015.

"This strong cash on hand number shows that Ohio Senate Dems have real momentum heading into November's Election."

"We're especially proud of our significant grassroots support from hundreds of small-dollar donors throughout the state," said Millie Vaughan, Executive Director for the Ohio Senate Democrats.

The Caucus also reported an impressive $164,708.84 raised this filing period, despite the ongoing Coronavirus crisis and its feared impact on political giving during a critical election year.

These fundraising totals place the Ohio Senate Democrats in a strong position to protect their incumbent members up this cycle and win seats in targeted districts heading into a redistricting year.

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