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Ohio Senate Democrats Release List of 80+ Bills to Address Systemic Racism

Today, the Ohio Senate Democrats released a list of 80+ bills that current and former Democratic senators have introduced since 2015 to tackle systemic racism from multiple angles. 

Few of these bills have received more than two hearings. Dozens remain stuck in Senate committees.

Republicans currently control the Ohio Statehouse with a supermajority, and therefore hold total control over which bills move forward. 

"Democratic legislators have spent years introducing real, meaningful legislation to tackle systemic racism and improve Ohioans' lives. The GOP supermajority's ongoing failure to pass these bills is telling," said Senator Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati).

"Ohio's Republican supermajority has had a decade to act. But they've repeatedly let good bills die and left bad policies in place. It's time to elect leaders who will fight systemic racism."

The list of bills also contains information for Ohioans interested in helping to pressure the GOP supermajority into passing each piece of legislation.

The list is available to the public and will be shared with local grassroots organizations throughout the state. 

The list will be updated as new legislation is introduced and/or relevant bills from previous G.A.s are discovered.

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