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Senate Dems Working to Ensure Every Vote is Counted in Tight Race

Today, the Ohio Senate Democrats expressed confidence that Crystal Lett is in a strong position to win the tight race for Ohio's 16th Senate District. Lett and her opponent are currently separated by only 41 votes.

Senate Dems are taking nothing for granted, however.

"This race is incredibly close. Our team is working hard to make sure every vote is counted and every voter who is legally allowed to fix simple ballot errors is able to do so," said Millie Vaughan, Executive Director for the Ohio Senate Democrats.

The 41 vote margin in this race is well within the .5% range that triggers an automatic recount.

In the meantime, Senate Democrats are working to notify voters who need to contact the Board of Elections to fix an error on their ballot.

These errors are often as simple as, for example, writing the date where the envelope asked for a birthday.

If these Ohioans contact the Board of Election within the allotted time period and fix their ballot error, their votes are countable under Ohio law.

A significant number of Ohioans in this district cast provisional ballots, many of which will end up being legally counted in the final tally.

Absentee ballots postmarked by November 2nd must also be accepted under Ohio law until November 13th -- 10 days after the election. 

Both absentee votes and provisional votes have tended to favor Democrats.

Recount efforts can get expensive. Donate now to Team Crystal Lett's Recount Fund!

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