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Senator Antonio: Governor's Positive COVID Test Forces Tough Questions

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

UPDATE 8/7/20: Fortunately, a second test revealed that Governor DeWine does NOT have COVID-19. This is a relief for all Ohioans.

Unfortunately, almost nothing else about the post below has changed. #WhereAreTheTests


This week, Senator Nickie Antonio (Lakewood), released the following statement after Governor Mike DeWine received two COVID-19 tests and the results of both tests in the span of just a few hours:

"First and foremost, I join my fellow Ohioans in celebrating the fact that our Governor, Mike DeWine, does not have COVID-19. I cannot even imagine the relief his friends and family must be feeling.

"However, this situation still raises many questions. Why is it that the most powerful Ohioans and the Trump administration have access to testing with immediate results for themselves, but everyday Ohioans are being denied testing or forced to wait days or even weeks for results?

"Our families are being told to send kids back to school without any offer of testing to ensure children and teachers are walking into a safe environment. At the same time, there are multiple tests available for Donald Trump and everyone who enters his personal space.

"The contrast is impossible to ignore. 

"I call on Ohio's world class health organizations to help us all understand why we haven't increased our capacity to provide testing across the state. Why, after 4+ months, does Ohio still rank near the bottom in COVID testing?

"What are our healthcare associations doing to access the ingredients (reagents) and supplies needed to increase testing in Ohio, and how can the legislature assist them? 

"And while Ohio's GOP supermajority has been caught up in their massive Householder bribery scandal, Ohio's legislature has contributed little to solving this problem. That all needs to change, immediately. 

"Ohio needs a collaborative, coordinated plan to increase the availability of COVID-19 testing and shorten the wait time for results. We must utilize our incredible medical health organizations, in cooperation with the legislature and administration.

"Lastly, this situation reminds us of the need to wear face coverings in public spaces and expand testing beyond only those Ohioans with symptoms.

"We have no idea who may be an asymptomatic carrier, and who we may be unintentionally infecting.

"It's up to us to protect each other, especially while our Republican-controlled state and federal governments continue to fail us.

"As a member of the Ohio legislature, I want to be a part of the solution. We can and we must do better, because people's lives are at stake."

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