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Senator Theresa Gavarone Skips Critical Votes on Guns in Schools, Parental Notification

COLUMBUS -- This week, Republican Senator Theresa Gavarone (Bowling Green) left her Senate committee early to avoid voting on whether to let people carry guns in Ohio schools without any training.

Gavarone also refused to vote on an amendment that would notify parents when people are permitted to carry guns into their child's school with no training. 

"To be blunt: Your children are about to be less safe because Theresa Gavarone failed to do her job," said Rachel Coyle, Campaign Director for the Ohio Senate Democrats.

"Taxpayers pay Senator Gavarone to take the hard votes. She could have stood up against this dangerous bill, but she silently left the room and let it pass instead."

Theresa Gavarone attended the first portion of Tuesday's Ohio Senate Government Oversight Committee hearing. However, she skipped out just in time to avoid voting on SB 317 and all related amendments. 

Video from the committee hearing can be viewed here. Voting on SB 317 and related amendments begins at 2:32:36. During each vote, legislative staff can clearly be heard calling Senator Gavarone's name, with no response. 

The vote breakdown can also be found here.

Senator Theresa Gavarone, who represents SD 2 (Lucas, Wood, Erie, Fulton, and Ottawa Counties), is at risk of losing one of Ohio's most flippable Senate seats this November. 

Gavarone's opponent, Joel O'Dorisio, is a proud union leader and Bowling Green State University professor. 

Donate to Joel O'Dorisio here.

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