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Senator Thomas: Ohioans Have the Power to Stop "Stand Your Ground" (Kill at Will)

Eight years ago this week, a mass shooter entered Sandy Hook elementary school and stole the lives of 20 small children and six heroic educators. In the years since, my Democratic colleagues and I have offered dozens of bills to curb gun violence and enact common-sense gun laws.

Every single effort has been rejected by the Republican supermajority that runs Ohio's Statehouse. Even worse? My Republican colleagues are actually working to move Ohio in the wrong direction.

There are two "Stand Your Ground" (AKA "Kill At Will") bills moving through the Statehouse right now. Ohioans already have the right to defend themselves from an attacker. But "Stand Your Ground" lets people shoot someone even if they aren't in danger. Even if they have the option not to shoot.

"Stand Your Ground" lets people kill first, and ask questions later. "Stand Your Ground" laws have been proven to increase murder rates in other states.

They're also known to have a racial bias.

"Stand Your Ground" is just bad policy -- that's why Ohio's top police chiefs oppose it. You, Ohio residents, have the power to stop these bad bills from passing. 1.) CALL these legislators. Tell them to stand with Ohio police chiefs, and DO NOT LET "Stand Your Ground" become law:

  • House Speaker Bob Cupp: 614-466-9624

  • Senate President Larry Obhof: 614-466-7505

2.) DONATE $20 now to help my colleagues and I spread the word about these awful bills. Every dollar makes a difference. After Sandy Hook, Ohioans called for action. And after last year's horrific mass shooting in Dayton, they literally shouted at state leaders to "Do Something!"

"Stand Your Ground" was not what they had in mind. Let's make sure it doesn't pass. Senator Cecil Thomas Ohio Senate District 9

#### Senator Cecil Thomas represents Ohio Senate District 9, which includes parts of Cincinnati, St. Bernard, Elmwood Place, Norwood, Golf Manor, Hollydale, Columbia Township, Silverton and Springfield Township. He served as a Cincinnati Police officer for 27 years

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