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Crystal Lett Condemns Opponent's Shameful, Misleading Attack Ad

Today, Crystal Lett, Democratic nominee for Ohio Senate District 16, issued an official statement condemning Senator Stephanie Kunze and the Republican Senate Campaign Committee (RSCC)’s new TV ad, which makes highly misleading claims about Lett’s voting record:

“I believe our democracy is sacred. That’s why I’ve voted in every Presidential election since I turned 18.  It’s why I bring my children to vote with me every year, so they can experience the process and become dutiful voters one day. 

It’s also why I fought side by side with Senator Sherrod Brown in DC for children’s healthcare funding. Because Democracy means showing up and making your voice heard. 

“Like many Americans, the 2016 election reinforced in me that local and off-year races are just as critical as the presidency. When we miss local elections, we end up with politicians like my opponent who quietly vote to pass dangerous bills that hurt our communities.

“Since 2016, I have voted in every single Primary, General, and Special election. Voting is not only a civic duty, it’s our power. It’s how we elect state and local leaders who stand up for us when it matters most, even against their own party.

“My opponent, Stephanie Kunze, is running personal attack ads against me. But I’m sticking to her voting record. Because that’s what impacts Ohio families.

“Senator Kunze voted twice to defund Planned Parenthood, voted against diversity in our communities, and voted just last month to let debt settlers rip off Ohio families during a pandemic. Her votes have hurt millions of Ohioans.

"Stephanie Kunze can attack me all she wants. But that won’t change her voting history.

“Ohioans deserve a reasoned debate on real issues facing our families - my opponent’s desperate, personal attacks help no one. I’m proud of my long record of fighting for healthcare and mental health policy.

"I look forward to working on critical issues in Ohio’s Senate like affordable healthcare, small business growth, and quality public education. As my team says every day, ‘Lett’s get it done.’”

Donate here to help Crystal Lett fight back against her opponent's shameful smear campaign.

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