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Joe Biden First to Join Ohio Senate Dems’ #FlipTheStatehouses Program

COLUMBUS — Today, the Ohio Senate Democrats launched #FlipTheStatehouses, a new initiative that encourages public officials and candidates in highly publicized races to support down ballot Democrats in Ohio and nationwide.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the first candidate to sign on to the program, and today sent an email encouraging Ohioans to contribute to the Ohio Senate Democrats.

VP Biden’s email reads, in part: “I’m running for president to make positive changes for families across the country, including those here in Ohio. But I won’t be able to do it alone. We cannot hope to create lasting progressive change while statehouses across the country are controlled by extremist Republican majorities — no matter who is in the White House.”

FACT: In the 2018 election, the Democratic candidate for Ohio governor received 46.7.% of the vote, and the Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General received 47.8% of the vote. Yet the House and Senate Republicans retained supermajority control of both Statehouse chambers. 

Extreme gerrymandering has kept the Ohio Senate under Republican control since 1985 – about 34 years. The Ohio House has been under GOP control most of that time as well.

This has led to an Ohio legislature that does not reflect Ohio voters. Increasingly extreme legislation, such as total abortion bans and permitless carry bills, shows the very real consequences of a Statehouse supermajority that is far more conservative than the state’s residents.

The Ohio Senate Democrats campaign committee created the #FlipTheStatehouses program in order to emphasize the significance of this issue. They are deeply grateful to VP Biden for his early support of this initiative.

The Ohio Senate Democrats will not be endorsing a candidate for president. Instead, they will be lifting up any Democratic presidential candidates (and other public figures) who support their Statehouse races and encourage down-ballot voting through the program.

Additional public servants will be encouraged to take actions supporting the Caucus as the program moves forward.


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